in the old harbour town of Hafnarfjörður


Urta Islandica ltd. is a family business founded in January 2013, but the brand: urta.islandica has been used since October 2010.
Thora Thorisdottir Artist is the founder of the company which is co-owned by Sigurdur Magnusson engineer, Lilja Sigrun Jonsdottir Artist,
Holmfridur Thorisdottir Philosopher, Sigrun Birta Sigurdardottir peace educator, Gudbjorg Lara Sigurdardottir Designer,
Kolbeinn Larus Sigurdsson Engineer and Thangbrandur Humi Sigurdsson a Student.

Urta Islandica specialises in products made from Icelandic herbs. Our products are herbal tea, herbal salt, jams and syrup.

Our company, wholesale and retail is located at Austurgata 47 in Hafnarfjordur Iceland


Our Team

Þóra Þórisdóttir

Founder - CEO
Board Member

+354 6980448

Sigurður Magnússon

Production Manager - Engineer
Board Member

+354 8980547

Guðbjörg Lára Sigurðardóttir

Sales Manager - 
Chairman of the Board


+354 6945368

Hólmfríður Þórisdóttir

Office Manager

Þangbrandur Húmi Sigurðsson

Salt production

Kolbeinn Lárus Sigurðsson

Technical Manager

Sigrún Birta Sigurðardóttir

Peace Educator

Lilja Sigrún Jónsdóttir

Angel investor