Austurgata 47 in Hafnarfjörður

This is were it all started, located in our own family house close to the center of the quiet town of Hafnarfjordur. 
Here you can find all of our unique products.  At this location you will find our store, our main office and main distribution center. 

We are open every weekday from 10 to 17. 

Básvegur 10 in Reykjanes Peninsula (Keflavík)


At Basvegur we have our production facility where our salts, jams and syrups are made.  There is as well a store where all of our products can be purchased. 
During working hours it is possible to take a peek into the production area and see how we pack and create our products. 
All our products are handpacked.
We are part of Reykjanes Unesco Global Geopark and are very proud of participating in the philosophy of the Geopark.
At Basvegur we can receive groups who are interested in getting to know our products, how they are made and the story behind it all. 
Feel free to contact us and book a visit.

 We are open every weekday from 11 to 17 and upon group requests

You are welcome!