Iceland Moss Syrup

Iceland Moss Syrup

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Traditionally Iceland Moss was used in baked bread and in hot drinks to fight cold and flue symptoms and ease stomach pain.

Our syrup can be used for this purpose in various ways e.g. by blending it with vodka to create a sweet tinkture, to mix it together with lemon in herbal tea or blend it with hot milk and a pinch of salt to make a healing drink for sick children and adults.

The syrup can just as well be used as gourmet syrup with its earthy and slightly bitter taste, it makes a flavorful addition to icecream, pancakes, desserts, liqueurs, cheeses, cooked, cured or smoked fish, dressings, salads as well as for flavoring meats and game, for marinades, sauces and glazing. It is also good in baked rye bread or on it when baked.


  • Wild Iceland Moss
  • Fresh Sea Water
  • Organic Cane Sugar
  • Molasse
  • Citric Acid.

Store in a dark and dry place at room temperature.


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