This herbal blend named Valva is especially good tasting and is good as every day tea for woman of all ages. Lady's mantle has been widely known herb, used to heal women problems for ages, the name refers to virgin Mary and the plant was also sacred to Freyja, the Norse goddess of love and fertility. The plants hormones and other chemicals are believed to help women with sterility problems, heavy menstruation or absence of menstruation, and also help with various menopausal symptoms. Wise women in the past explained how the plant who “sweatens dew” can regulate menopausal sweating. Melisse, Angelica and Red Clover are also very known woman herbs. It is recommended to rest for one week after consuming for six weeks. For best flavor and effect, pour hot but not boiling water and let steep for 10-20 min. Ingredients :  Wild Icelandic Melisse Wild Icelandic Angelica Wild Icelandic Lady's Mantle  Wild Icelandic Red clover Each pack contains 10 teabags Net Weight: 15g ...
This Rhubarb Syrup has been boiled until it starts to caramelize. Traditionally Icelanders serve caramelized rhubarb (jam or syrup) with lamb dishes. It is also good to glaze potatoes and other vegetables. You can use it to sweeten various desserts, cakes and ice creams. Store in a dark and dry place at room temperature.  Ingredients: Organic Rhubarb Organic Cane Sugar Citric Acid. 60 ml...

Wildberry Salt

The intense flavor and color of our Wildberry salt comes from the marinade off Blueberry and Crowberry sap and the wild whole dried Rowanberries and Juniperberries. Especially good with lamb or game, and can be a colorful addition to salads, bread and rice Ingredients: Fine flaky Icelandic Seasalt from Nordur&Co in Westfjords Blueberry sap Crowberry sap Rowanberries Juniperberries 84% Salt 16% Dried berries The wrapping of this product is 100% Compostable made from NatureFlex™ Cellophane. Netto: 90gr  ...
  Traditional Red Currant Jam, delicious on cakes that have sweet jam inside or on top of cheese pizza. Ingredients: Organic Red currant berries. Organic Sugar. Netto : 125gr  ...
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